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Testing & Analysis

Condition monitoring/CM is the process of monitoring a machinery (vibration, temperature etc.), in order to identify a significant change which is indicative of a developing fault. It is a major component of predictive maintenance. The use of condition monitoring allows maintenance to be scheduled, or other actions to be taken to prevent consequential damages and avoid its consequences. Condition monitoring has a unique benefit in that conditions that would shorten normal lifespan can be addressed before they develop into a major failure:

  • Misalignment of shaft couplings, flexible machine couplings.
  • Misalignment of underwater running gear such as propeller struts.
  • Propeller defects.
  • Shaft bends.
  • Unbalance of rotating components.
  • Main engine misfire problems.
  • Looseness.
  • Deterioration of rolling-element bearings within transmissions and thrust bearings.
  • Gear wear.
  • Rubbing.
  • Resonance.
  • Machinery soft-foot conditions.

Testing & Analysis Services

Implementing a vibration monitoring program will protect your assets with substantial savings in consumed energy, minimization of spare parts and slowed or lost production. Preventative maintenance is the best way to maximize your ROI on your assets.

Our analysts are certified by the most respected programs. Armed with knowledge and experience, coupled with Pruftechnik's newest condition monitoring equipment, we can diagnose current defects or tell you what should be addressed before a problem occurs. We provide full, written reports detailingfindings, conclusions and recommendations on how to rectify any defects as well as preventative measures that should be taken.

  • Vibration Analysis (Condition Monitoring).
  • Remote Continuous Monitoring.
  • Sea Trials - Vibration & Noise Surveys.
  • Oil Analysis.
  • Infrared Thermography.

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