Organizations &


AME is proud active member of the following organizations

  • Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers/SNAME
  • American Society of Naval Engineers/ASNE
  • IGY Marinas Anchor Club Strategic Partner
  • Propeller Club Port Miami
  • Vibration Institute/VI
  • Marine Industries Association of South Florida/MIASF
  • US Superyacht Association/USSA
  • The American Welding Society/AWS
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers/ASME
  • American Boat & Yacht Council/ABYC
  • International Yacht Brokers Association/IYBA/ABYC
  • South Florida Manufacturers Association/SFMA
  • Miami Beach Chamber Of Commerce
ASNE AWS Igy Anchor Club IYBA MIASF Propeller Club SFMA SONA USSA Vibration Institute Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce

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