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AME is a mechanical reliability services company that specializes in predictive and preventative maintenance for machinery assets on land and sea. Condition monitoring using cutting edge technology, methods and procedures is the backbone of the asset management support AME provides. Others make claims of their abilities, but AME has the backing of the American Bureau of Shipping/ABS as a recognized external specialist for condition monitoring.

That's not all AME does. With diesel engine condition monitoring, shaft torque and power measurements, ultrasonic and infrared technologies we can pinpoint exactly what issues machinery is experiencing, or what components need to be addressed to prevent unforeseen downtime and outages.

Once data is analyzed, AME has the know-how, equipment, resources, and expertise to correct it. Whether laser, strain gage, optical, or feeler gage – we’ll get your alignment straight.

When one-size-fits-all isn’t an option, our two fully equipped machine shops can fabricate, balance, machine, weld and line bore your perfect customized solution. Our hydraulics department can also handle any service or repair, including stabilizers, steering systems, thrusters, and much more. Did we mention our welders are also Class certified? Need any of this in the field? We’ve got worldwide mobile capabilities

Founded in 1992, by Rich Merhige, AME has been commissioned worldwide to consult on some of the most complex vibration/noise and alignment projects for a variety of applications. Leaders in equipment and parts have taken notice. AME is the proud distributor for the world’s leading condition monitoring, and alignment equipment by Windrock. For shaft lines, AME is a distributor and certified service provider for Wartsila seals and bearings.

Corporate Culture Statement

AME is a mechanical reliability services company focused on providing customized solutions to meet the unique and complex needs of rotating and reciprocating machinery assets on land and at sea. We provide highly accurate surveys and repairs to get machinery back up and running quickly and efficiently. We excel at providing solid engineering practice with integrity while adhering to ethical business standards. AME believes in excellence through hard work and honesty. Safety is #1 at AME for employees and customers. The AME team is encouraged to always strive to provide the highest levels of reliable quality service and professional competence to ensure optimal customer satisfaction. Our clientele benefits from a diverse team that is educated and well-trained. We take pride in collaborating well with our clients and becoming part of their winning teams. As leaders in our field, we are committed to our organization and to our community. Our corporate social responsibility focuses on the development of the next workforce generation. By collaborating with various organizations, we actively engage in introducing the younger generation to the opportunities within our lucrative industry.

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