A word from the President

Welcome to AMEsolutions.com. Our team puts AME in the forefront of the condition monitoring field. I come from a long line of mechanical engineers and founded AME on the basis of my passion for fixing things. We pride ourselves on earning an honest living, by operating an ethical business that's based on integrity and "straight shooting".

Our services can be applied to countless industries. Whether a yacht, power plant, workboat, building, or factory - if you have machinery that rotates, you can benefit from our services.

What separates us from our competitors? We believe in growing from within - we provide our employees with consistent training, and opportunities, which means, they have a stake in their future, so they care about the services they provide, and our clients. AME maintains memberships in numerous societies and professional organizations, ensuring we are always surrounded by professionals who keep us on our toes. Explore our website to see what we do and how we can keep your machinery in stellar shape, operating efficiently while predicting and preventing issues. Give us a call at 954-764-2678 or Email Me to schedule your one-on-one consultation now.

Increase Your Machinery's Reliability