Today's Windrock portable and online systems unite cutting-edge technology with decades of proven diagnostic experience in reciprocating compressors and engines. Their product families are engineered to protect critical assets, assess machinery mechanical condition and monitor operational performance. Imagine the difference they will make for your operation - in reliability, safety, cost savings and productivity improvements.

Platinum System - The Ultimate Protection

The Windrock Platinum system is the latest generation of online monitoring. Utilizing technology advancements derived from Windrock On-Guard and 6400 portable analyzers, as well as RECIP-TRAP analyzers, the Platinum system provides the best platform available to protect and assess the health of reciprocating machinery.

Cropped phase and power Cropped input bay

Exclusive features include:

  • Any Data, Any Channel - A virtually unlimited combination of data acquisition channels for pressure, vibration, temperature, proximity.
  • Ultrasonic Data! - For the first time, an online system offers this tried-and-true diagnostic tool that engineers and analysts have relied on for over 20 years. Valve, ring and other leakages are now easily identified and positively confirmed.
  • Real-time Data and event Playback - View what is happening on the machine right now, as well as conditions that led to warning or alarm conditions.
  • A rolling event buffer provides history of ever y signal, every degree of revolution.
  • Just like Windrock Portable - Based on the technology of Windrock por table analyzers, it acquires and filters data exactly the same way. This enables use of industry standard vibration f ilters (VT1/VT4), FFT vibration analysis and trending cylinder leak index, plus much more.
  • Monitors rotating equipment - Provides full rotating vibration monitoring with accelerometers, velocity sensors and proximity probes. Advanced features, such as orbits, Bode, polar and waterfall, are ideal for high-speed turbines.
  • Platinum is Smart - Each component and channel of the system features self-monitoring diagnostics that identify and warn you of system problems. Critical components, such as power supplies and hard drives, are fully redundant and load sharing.
  • Remote Analysis ready - Designed with remote analysis in mind, whether from within your own enterprise or by Windrock's Technical Services team.
  • Meets regulatory Compliance - Platinum systems are designed to comply with hazardous area and SIL requirements.

Model 6400/DA Diesel Analyzer

6400 Diesel The Windrock Model 6400 family of analyzers has revolutionized the analysis of reciprocating machinery. With features found in no other portable devices, Windrock analyzers are designed specifically to evaluate reciprocating compressor and engine performance, assess mechanical condition and protect critical machinery assets.

Operators, mechanics and engineers use this cost-effective tool to improve diesel engine performance, reliability and safety, as well as to identify component-level faults and mechanical condition.The 6400/DA is the only four-channel diesel engine analyzer available. Easy, one-person set up and operation makes this lightweight, rugged analyzer an efficient, effective instrument to detect and isolate engine problems.

Increase Your Machinery's Reliability