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Welcome Back to AME, Harry!

‘Welcome back!’ to Service Engineer, Harry Antrobus, from the AME team. A native of Barbados, Harry joined us in 2015 upon graduation from California Maritime Academy. After a very successful tenure, Harry had to leave the states in 2018 due to his expired CPT visa. We fought hard for nearly a year until Harry was finally granted H-1B status!

We would like to thank the US Department of Homeland Security for allowing Harry to return to work with the AME team! It’s highly skilled trade workers and engineers like Harry that are needed in the states to help fill the gap of our ongoing workforce crisis. AME is very fortunate to have him return!

Not pictured: Rich, Fred, Jacob, Junel, Mario, Marlon, Robert & Tony

"It's great to be back and I'm excited to work with the guys again!" Harry Antrobus, Advanced Mechanical Enterprises/AME

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