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New Year at AME

AME rang in the new year with our Annual Team Meeting! We reviewed our core values, our 2023 accomplishments and shared our goals for the year ahead.

"Starting the new year with our annual team meeting is crucial, and it's what we've done for many years. It's where we align on our shared mission and celebrate what went well the year prior, setting the stage for an accomplished year" - Christine Battles, CAO, Advanced Mechanical Enterprises

But it wasn’t all work and no play- we also participated in some fun team-building activities that tested our communication skills and creativity.

First was the BlindSketch Quest, where our team had to guide a blindfolded artist to draw mechanical objects. It was hilarious filled with twists and turns, proving that clear communication is key to success - just like precision engineering.

We then moved on to Create-A-Gadget, where our team was challenged to create an awesome object using the same set of materials and a ticking clock. The results? Some truly impressive inventions!

To finish a great day, we enjoyed some delicious Italian food from Carrabas.

Here’s to another year of achieving great things together. 

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