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Municipal Customer - Reliability Problems

Recently, a municipal customer was experiencing reliability problems on one of their large horizontal line shaft pumps. To improve reliability, major modifications were made to the pump bearing arrangement, seals, shaft and impeller.  AME performed laser alignment of the pump, chain drive reduction and diesel engine.

To verify the running condition met the required acceptance criteria, commissioning vibration analysis testing was carried out by AME.  PRUFTECHNIK’s VibXpert II portable vibration analyzer was used for route-based data collection, PRUFTECHNIK’s Sonochek for Ultrasound testing, and PRUFTECHNIK’s 20-channel VIBGUARD System for continuous online vibration analysis throughout the entire rpm range of the pump. The vibration data was collected with “order-tracking” technology – allowing us to synchronize the rpm to the vibration at any given time and determine the condition of the machinery.  The system ran perfectly, and through AME efforts, we helped ensure that it will achieve its maximum performance and service life.

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