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Seeing is believing – especially with motion amplification technology using AME’s newly acquired RDI Camera “Iris M”:

- See vibration that can't be heard with software that turns millions of pixels into millions of data points that can be monitored, read & analyzed.

- Proprietary video processing detects subtle displacement & converts movement making it visible to the naked eye.

- Iris M™ enhances the understanding of the vibration & provides a communication tool for technical resources.

- Filter your data & visualize movement at specific frequencies to find the root cause of a problem.

This is a game-changer when it comes to vibration diagnostics and AME has it to solve your problems.

“RDI has found that service organizations that have implemented the IRIS M camera into their Reliability or CBM services offering have been successful in helping customers find and fix long-standing asset reliability problems. Getting to the root cause of the problem is the focus of reliability programs and of service companies. The IRIS M system has been used to identify machinery, structural, process, piping, quality, and other types of problems that affect production. We look forward to the impact that AME Solutions will be able to show their customers by adding this to their toolkit." Bob Wilson, President, RDI Technologies.

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