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Ja Sea the World Unveiled

On May 1st, the brand new Junior Achievement Marine Industry Storefront – SEA THE WORLD was unveiled. Founding members and guests gathered for this monumental step in maritime education for the younger generation. During the upcoming school year at JA, 20,000+ eighth-grade students will learn about the endless career opportunities in the marine industry. 

The initiative was spearheaded by AME’s Chief Administration Officer Christine Battles, who worked with 23 maritime industry companies — including MPT, The Triton, Pier 66,  MIASF, IGY Marinas, Wards Marine Electric, AERE, MHG Insurance Brokers, Global Marine Travel, RPM Diesel Engine Co., Water Taxi, Luxury Consultants, Advantage, Palmdale Oil Company, LMC, Roscioli Yachting Center, Elite Marine Air Conditioning, Derektor Shipyards, Viking Crew, FB Marine Group, Universal Marine Center, and Wright Maritime Group — to bring more awareness about the marine industry to the next generation. 

“As an owner/operator of a business invested in the maritime world, I’ve seen first hand how difficult it is to find skilled labor to meet our business growth,” said Christine Battles, CAO, AMEsolutions. “Our industry is a gold mine of opportunities for the next generation. I’ve made a personal commitment to inspire their interest in our field, which, will in turn, maintain the maritime industry as a thriving economic force in the state. Our JA storefront is a major step towards fulfilling this initiative.”

“The Sea the World storefront is an innovative way to introduce South Florida’s young people to the wide array of opportunities available to them in the local marine industry,” said Jack Kosakowski, President & CEO of Junior Achievement USA. “During my recent visit to the storefront, I was impressed with how 24 marine industry companies came together to create a truly memorable work-readiness experience that will have life-changing implications for many of the thousands of young people who will get the chance to experience it.”

The wall graphics are just the beginning – phase 2 of the Marine Industry Storefront begins soon. Check back for updates!

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