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Industrial News: Periodic Vibration Survey at a Major Waste Facility

We've recently completed a periodic vibration survey on some essential machinery at a waste facility, and the results are in! Our analysis revealed some areas of concern that require immediate attention to ensure optimal performance.

Firstly, during the survey, we found that one of the compressor motors had vibration peaks at its 1st order, primarily due to the presence of coupling unbalance aggravated by the lack of stiffness in the structure. On the other hand, the compressor showed random vibrations at a high frequency, and its time waveform indicated significant impact, indicative of loose, worn, or deteriorated bearings.

To rectify these issues, we highly recommended performing a laser alignment assessment of both the motor and compressor and carefully inspecting the coupling installation. Additionally, we suggested carrying out a motion amplification survey to verify the stiffness of the foundation, as well as collecting oil samples from the compressor and sending them to a reputable laboratory for analysis.

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