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Condition-Based Monitoring Program for Major Shipping & Towing Company

A major shipping and towing company looking to improve their vessel’s reliability reached out to AME.

AME’s solution was to implement a machinery condition-based monitoring program utilizing a user-friendly vibration data collector, the Vibscanner 2. AME setup the initial measurement point database, identified measurement points on the machinery using RFID tags and trained the crew. This makes it possible for the vessel’s crew to easily collect and transfer the data ashore for review. AME prepares a summary report of the condition of the machinery so the vessel can make smarter maintenance decisions.

As you can imagine, this saves the shipping company the expense of having a technician ride the vessel, and reduces the process down to analysis, making a CBM (Condition Based Maintenance) program very affordable. CBM benefits include: reduced number of unplanned failures, improved equipment availability, reliability and safety, minimized time spent on maintenance (by doing maintenance work only when needed), repairs can be scheduled, increased asset service life, improved equipment performance, minimizing inventory costs (you can order a part when you plan to do a repair so you don’t need to hold as much inventory).

Increase Your Machinery's Reliability