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AME's Spaghetti Marshmallow Tower Challenge!

In Januray, the team at AME rang in the new year in an exciting way, with a special get-together that was all about embracing the company's core values and reflecting on past accomplishments. To celebrate the start of this new year, the team participated in a creative challenge that tested their problem-solving skills - constructing a spaghetti marshmallow tower as high as possible using only spaghetti, masking tape, and one marshmallow.

The team broke off into smaller groups and were given free reign to come up with potential designs for their towers. With plenty of collaborative brainstorming, trial and error, and some much needed laughter throughout the process, each group came up with unique solutions to tackle this challenge - some teams opted to build triangle-shaped structures while others decided on more abstract designs. In the end, everyone left feeling accomplished and excited for what the upcoming year will bring!

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