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AME Advocates for the Younger Generation

What started as a mission to expand our team, has turned into a passion for giving back to the youth of our community. With a workforce in the skilled trades aging out, AME has become heavily involved in educating our youth about careers in the marine industry. Just this past year, AME became involved in initiating and implementing the Junior Achievement Marine Industry Storefront; AME CAO, Christine Battles, joined the South Florida Manufacturing Association/SFMA’s Workforce Readiness Committee; we participated in several job/career fairs and were even awarded a scholarship grant to help fund an internship program for a promising young machinist this summer. Christine Battles sat on the MIASF Education and Workforce Committee for 6 years. With these initiatives, we will keep our industry thriving with a newly inspired generation.

The Marine Industry Storefront will be opening soon at JA Finance Park where students will be able to learn and explore the endless opportunities the marine industry has to offer. AME designed all of the wall graphics of the store with the help of 23 other founding members:

Maritime Professional Training

Pier sixty-six Marina

The Triton

MIASF/Marine Industries of South Florida

Palladium Technologies

IGY Marinas

Ward’s Marine Electric

AERE Marine Group

MHG Insurance Brokers

GMT/Global Marine Travel

RPM Diesel Engine Co

Water Taxi

Luxury Home Consultants


Palmdale Oil Company

LMC/Lauderdale Marine Center

Roscioli Yachting Center

Elite Marine Air Conditioning

Derektor Shipyards

Viking Crew

FB Marine Group

Universal Marine Center

WMG/Wright Maritime Group

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