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3-D geometric survey on a pump using the FARO laser

A pump station is going through overhauls which means all pumps and engines are being rebuilt.

Upon disassembly of one of their pumps, a previously repaired crack was discovered in the piping.

The pump manufacturer recommended that the customer measure and confirm the flatness of flanges and bearing foundations, the distance of bearing foundations from the suction centerline, plumpness of suction flange, and angle of discharge flange to the bearing foundations.

That's where AME came in!

Using our new FARO Vantage S6 laser tracker, were able to perform a 3-D geometric survey on the pump. Upon completion of measurement points, the coordinate system, level plane, angles, flatness, and distances were constructed in the CAM2 software.

The report was then submitted to the manufacturer to help them further investigate the root cause.

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