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Equipping excellence for more than 70 years, Fluke is a trusted leader in test and measurement for industrial/electronic service installation and maintenance, electrical and temperature, indoor air quality, calibration, and health services. FLUKE products are engineered to provide precision measurement and quality control, and designed to be portable, rugged, safe, and easy to use.

Fluke 805 (Vibration Meter)

FLUKE 805 (Vibration Meter)

  • Reliable, repeatable, accurate device for checking bearings and overall vibration
  • Features innovative sensor design that minimizes measurement variations caused by device angle or contact pressure
  • Provides consistent data quality at both low and high frequency ranges
  • Offers four-level severity scale to assess urgency of problems and bearing condition
Fluke 810 (Vibration Tester)

FLUKE 810 (Vibration Tester)

  • On-board identification and location of the most common mechanical faults
  • Overall vibration level allows you to quickly assess overall machine health directly from the diagnosis screen
  • Fault severity scale with four severity levels helps you prioritize maintenance work
  • Repair recommendations advise technicians on corrective action
  • Detailed diagnostic reports and spectral diagrams help confirm data quality, and narrow down the root cause of failures
Fluke 3561 (Wireless Vibration Sensors)

FLUKE 3561 (Wireless Vibration Sensors)

  • Wireless, compact sensors for a scalable remote monitoring solution
  • Alarms based on user-defined or Fluke Overall Vibration Severity (FOVS) scale thresholds
  • Capture rate: One data point every 120 seconds
  • Visualize data with software trending and graphing
  • Remotely view real-time and historical triaxial vibration, surface temperature data

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