CMC Marine

Product Line Overview

CMC Marine is a stabilization company implementing the latest technologies to create fin stabilizers, thrusters, and steering systems.

Fluke 805 (Vibration Meter)

HS - High-Speed System

The HS System is a stabilizer for planing yachts that can reach over 24 knots. It has an optimized fin profile for better performance and a reduction of resistance. It offers fast and controlled performance with the ability to control integrated systems (for example, steering or intruder).

Fluke 810 (Vibration Tester)

LR - Long Range System

The LR System is for displacement or semi-displacement yachts. The LR range uses a highly accurate inertial detector that detects the roll, pitch, and yaw of the yacht, which provides the system's input to provide a very high level of platform stability.

Fluke 3561 (Wireless Vibration Sensors)

Dualis Electra Series

Dualis Electra is the electrical Thruster developed by CMC Marine. It's an electric thruster with a high thrust/power ratio and maximum compactness. It uses a new generation of electric motors that, coupled with the up-to-date CMC Marine pod, offer all the electrical thrusters' advantages. At the same time, the volume and weight of the entire system are dramatically reduced. Steering Systems - Can be integrated with CMC Marine's other system for a total platform motion.

Fluke 3561 (Wireless Vibration Sensors)


CMC Marine's steering system is suitable for installations on yachts from 25 to 80 meters. Directa needs 230V AC 1PH power supply for inverters in normal operation and 24V DC for the emergency motor (available for Directa 100, Directa 120 and Directa 140) and can control the rudders independently.

Fluke 3561 (Wireless Vibration Sensors)

New Waveless Electric Stabilizers For Boats 12 M AND UP

The technology of superyachts, the experience, and the quality of CMC Marine, the leader in stabilization, are now available for your yacht. Waveless STAB is the new generation of electric fin stabilizers: fast, ultra-compact, low noise, low power absorption, top quality.

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