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Pump Repair

Life, as we know it today, would not be possible without pumps – From controlling water levels, standard running water, and even fueling your car. These mechanical marvels are hydraulic devices that transfer fluids across differentiating pressures and elevations from one location to another. Typically driven by electric motors or diesel engines, pumps convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy.

While there are several types of pumps, each with its own pros and cons depending on the intended application, they will highly likely require maintenance at some point in their life. Maintenance levels can vary from simply greasing bearings to completely overhauling the internal components such as bearings, impeller, seal, and shaft. Effective ways of preventing the latter are to ensure precision laser alignment between the pump and its driver, ensure bearings are adequately lubricated, and perform periodic vibration analysis to evaluate machinery conditions.

Unfortunately, these ideal conditions are not always met; leading to excessive power draw/lack of fuel efficiency, overheating of couplings and bearings, leaking seals, etc. Ultimately leading to some form of mechanical failure – worn impellers, failed rolling element bearings, and cracked or worn mechanical seals.

When our customers call with this news, AME dispatches a team to disconnect, disassemble, and transport the pump to one of our two machine shops for breakdown, overhaul, and reassembly. This process begins with securing the pump to a working table, leading into disassembly of all significant components from mechanical seals/packing, bearings, impeller, etc. Once disassembled, all parts are meticulously cleaned and inspected to determine which, if any, components are salvageable per OEM specifications. Should any components be deemed unfit for reuse, our first call is to the manufacturer for replacement parts; if these are no longer available, our fabrication team will assist in creating replacements. We will also sandblast the external casing to bare metal and repaint it to look as good as it operates!

After ensuring all parts are fit for use, AME begins reassembling the impeller shaft, impeller, bearings, mechanical seals/packing, etc., while ensuring any relevant clearances are met. Once reassembly is completed in our machine shop, an AME team then transports the pump back to the client’s facility for reinstallation. Once the refurbished pump is installed to its respective piping, AME will perform a precision laser alignment of the driver (whether an electric motor or a diesel engine). The laser alignment will eliminate any soft foot or pipe strain, ensuring any axial standoff distance criteria are met.

To finalize AME’s work, a vibration analysis will be performed on the pump and its respective driver to ensure machinery is operating correctly and provide a baseline for any future vibration measurements and maintenance. A Field Service Report is then provided to our customer, documenting all work performed, such as left alignment measurements, results of the vibration analysis, and any recommendations we have to help facilitate machinery longevity.

AME has two machine shops in the Fort Lauderdale, FL. area for all of your pump repair needs!

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