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Precision Alignment & Welding

AME specializes in precision alignment, machinery repair, strut barrel/stern tube replacement, custom fabrication, welding services, and support/structural repairs on rotating equipment. These applications require extreme accuracy, and this blog will discuss the importance, and potential risks, of welding with correct alignment.

Welding is a critical process in various industries, especially in applications where tolerances are measured in thousandths of an inch. Precision alignment in welding is crucial to ensure welded joints meet the required specifications and maintain the structural integrity of the equipment. Uncontrolled welding, where alignment is not properly maintained during the welding process, can lead to significant issues. One of the main risks of uncontrolled welding is distortion of welded components, which can affect the overall performance and functionality of equipment.

Furthermore, incorrect alignment in welding can result in weakened joints and compromised structural integrity, putting the equipment at risk of failure or damage. This is particularly important in rotating equipment, where any misalignment can cause excessive wear, vibration, and premature failure. It is, therefore, essential for precision alignment to be maintained throughout the welding process to ensure that equipment operates safely and efficiently.

By providing precision alignment services, AME plays a key role in the industry by helping to minimize risks associated with uncontrolled welding and ensuring equipment operates within required tolerances. Through their expertise in controlled welding, AME enables their clients to achieve the necessary alignment tolerances, maintaining structural integrity and operational performance of the machinery.

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