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Modern CBM Technology Helping Machinery Operators Get To Solutions Faster

In our last blog post, we touched on the beginnings of vibration analysis. Fast forward to 2023: With technology continuing to revolutionize our lives, the field of condition-based monitoring remains on the cutting edge of advances, shaping the world as we know it. By researching, assessing, and incorporating new technologies, AME ensures that equipment and operations are running efficiently and safely, while providing cost savings and improved safety for our customers. This blog post will cover some of the latest condition-monitoring technologies, motion amplification, and 3D geometric measurements. 

Motion Amplification

Motion amplification is the future of vibration analysis. Machinery operators and decision-makers can now visibly see machinery or structural issues with the naked eye. Using a high-speed camera, it identifies machinery problems right out of the gate by summarizing standard data and converting it into a video. For example, a sportfish yacht was built with a specific type of engine, and the customer wanted a different engine. Despite the new engine having a different footprint, the yacht captain installed it on the original bracket. Using the Motion Amplification camera, we identified that the bracket was not rigid enough and caused the machine to move around. The video helped us design and fabricate a new bracket and mounting system to eliminate the movement of the engine. 

3D Geometric Survey

A 3D geometric survey bridges the digital and physical worlds, allowing machinery operators to get results faster than any other geometric measurement tool. A 3D Geometric Survey is a fantastic condition monitoring tool, especially for quality control. Here’s an example: A pump manufacturer requested a 3D Geometric survey of individually staged Formed Suction Intake (FSI) and Discharge Column as well as an overall assembly to confirm the manufacturer’s recommended measurements before delivery. We used a 3D laser as it is a very versatile 3D Geometric surveying tool that documents all measurements into a 3D CAD program and does not rely on handwritten measurements. Similar to the comparison between a dial indicator alignment vs. a laser alignment.

From minimizing downtime and increasing safety to reducing financial costs, CBM is revolutionizing how we manage our equipment and operations. Investing in CBM has proven to be worthwhile, ensuring that companies run as efficiently and economically as possible while providing real-time feedback and alerting processes to reduce the risk of dangerous situations. With continued advances in technology like motion amplification and 3D geometric measurements, the possibilities for Condition Based Monitoring are endless.

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