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How Motion Amplification Can Help Detect Structural Damage

Motion Amplification (MA) is a groundbreaking technology that has revolutionized the field of vibration analysis and troubleshooting by providing a powerful tool to detect structural weaknesses in buildings and other structures. Using high-speed cameras and advanced software algorithms, MA allows subtle motion invisible to the naked eye to be seen. This enables operators to identify issues such as vibration and movement which indicate structural damage or deterioration. Unlike traditional methods of structural analysis, which involve large amounts of sensors and a multi-channel data acquisition system, MA offers a more efficient and cost-effective alternative saving valuable time and resources. MA has been successfully applied in various industries such as civil engineering, aerospace, power generation, and we personally use it in the maritime industry on vessels.

So, how does it work? MA is a video-processing method that detects subtle motion and amplifies said motion to the point where it can be seen. This technique utilizes a high speed video camera and software algorithm that measures the differentiation in light intensity and translates it into a raw displacement waveform. These deviations are then exaggerated to enhance small or imperceptible movements in structures.


Motion Amplification can be used for ongoing monitoring of structures, providing real-time data engineers use to assess structural health, and plan for maintenance or repairs. This proactive approach not only ensures safety and longevity of structures but also reduces costs associated with emergency repairs and downtime due to failures.


This technique can also be used for more advanced vibration analysis diagnostics such as resonance testing, orbits, and even apply vectors to the regions of interest (ROI). MA is particularly useful for resonance testing, structural weakness, and piping resonances. It is also very effective in communicating issues being experienced – Not everyone can understand a bunch of squiggly lines on a chart, but everyone can understand a video; bringing a whole new meaning to “Seeing is Believing.”

In conclusion, Motion Amplification is a game-changer in the field of vibration analysis and troubleshooting. Its ability to detect and visualize movement has greatly improved the efficiency and accuracy of inspections. By implementing MA as a regular tool in the engineering world, we can ensure safety and longevity of assets while saving valuable resources.

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