Machinery alignment is the process of aligning two or more machinery or components with each other to within a tolerated margin. It is an absolute requirement for machinery before the machinery is put in service. When a driver like an electric motor or a turbine is coupled to a pump, generator, or any other piece of equipment, it is essential that the shafts of the two pieces are aligned.

  • Excessive wear on mechanical components
  • Premature breakdown of equipment
  • Costly downtime
  • Bearing & seal damage
  • Shaft bends
  • Unbalance of rotating components
  • Machinery soft-foot conditions
  • Computerized Laser & Optical Alignment.
  • Balancing (Field & Shop)
  • Machinery Isolation
  • Shaft Modeling/Strain Gage Measurements

Using laser, optical or strain gage technologies, alignment extends the life of machinery and markedly improves its performance.

Alignments performed by AME's Service Technicians and Engineers greatly improve the productivity of machinery by increasing efficiency and preventing premature failure and a costly downtime.

Increase Your Machinery's Reliability