Wärtsilä is a global leader in complete lifecycle power solutions for the marine and energy markets. AME is a Proud Authorized Distributor for Wärtsilä Seals and Bearings in the state of Florida.

Enviroguard SLR Seal

The NEW Wärtsilä Enviroguard SLR water lubricated seal is a safe, reliable solution which is off-the-shelf and ready to work, no matter where you operate, on seas, lakes or rivers. Designed specifically for small vessels including workboats and leisure vessels, it is tough and robust enough to tolerate large axial and radial shaft movements.

Easy Installation

The unique modular design fits any shaft size between 75 mm and 306mm(3” and 12”), and is easy to retrofit to almost any stern tube. The standard tools required are supplied with each seal.

Simple Maintenance

There is not maintenance required for up to 5 years plus no need for a dedicated fresh water flush. The clever design can withstand aggressive waters and conditions which may include heavy amounts of silt/ sand. Split spares allow the seal to be serviced with the shaft in-situ, reducing downtime

Pollution Free

As a part of the Wärtsilä Enviroguard range, this new seal is also water lubricated, to ensure that your vessel operates with no risk to the environment, and keeps you compliant with local legislation.

5 year Warranty As Standard

For complete peace of mind, the Wärtsilä Enviroguard SLR seas has a 5 year warranty as standard (terms and conditions apply).

Enviroguard PSE Seal

The Wärtsilä Enviroguard range is an environmentally sound inboard sealing solutions. These products are suitable for both blue water and abrasive water conditions and are available in both metallic and composite materials.

EnvWartsila-Sealsiroguard is a pollution free, forward water lubricated stern tube seal. The seals are suitable for any commercial, or military application, designed to maintain watertight integrity for operating profiles and parameters. The Wärtsilä Enviroguard range is a low maintenance, high performance sealing solution which is in extensive use, spanning many years and vessel types. Although primarily used for open water applications, the seals can also be adapted for closed water systems.

The spring loaded (non-rotating) face operates against the shaft mounted (rotating) seat. These interfaces form the actual seal. A combination of spring and hydraulic load maintains the closing force between them. In conjunction with a hydraulic opening load, the Enviroguard range of seals is mechanically balanced for optimum sealing capability in varying conditions.

Envirosafe Bearing

Wartsila-BearingsThe Wärtsilä Envirosafe range consists of  both water lubricated products suitable for 3 – 13” shaft size. It has composite water lubricated stern tube bearings, offering an environmentally sound solution. The bearings are available in non-split, split shells, or full housing and bearing packages.

Wärtsilä is the only total solutions provider of high performance and eco-friendly seals and bearings. Wärtsilä’s water lubricated Envirosafe shaft bearing product  range includes the latest generation of filament wound composite materials, which are well proven within the field.

Envirosafe is a non-polluting composite bearing system designed for water lubricated stern shafts of all vessel types. Envirosafe enhances environmental protection greatly. We supply ready to fit, split & non-split bearing systems which can be press fitted into stern tubes or bracket bosses with housings as required. Supplied packages include bronze housings ready for resin bonding into rough cast stern tubes or brackets. This well-proven method enables the assemblies to be fitted at the end of the hull construction, thereby eliminating any movement due to welding and providing the most accurate final alignment.