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Alignment Systems for Rotating Machinery


Precision Meets Connectivity
•Tablet-like capacitive touchscreen with 3D display
•Extremely durable with strengthened glass screen and tough housing
•Inbuilt mobile connectivity: RFID, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and camera
•Cardan shaft alignment with shaft in place
•Vertical machine alignment with vertiSWEEP
•Soft foot diagnosis
•High measurement quality with intelliSWEEP, intelliPASS and intelliPOINT
•Monitor relative machine positional changes continuously with Live Trend
•Vibration Spot Check to measure overall values
•ALIGNMENT RELIABILITY SOFTWARE 4.0 software with cloud data transfer*


All-in-one: High-end system for shaft alignment and geometric measurements
•Hundreds of positions measured, automatic evaluation of measurement quality and filtering of measurement points: intelliSWEEP.
•Convenient alignment of uncoupled shafts: intelliPASS mode.
•One-step machine corrections: simultaneous monitoring of machine corrections in vertical and horizontal directions at any sensor position (Live Move).
•Handles any amount of misalignment (InfiniRange) including extra-large detector.
•Integrated Bluetooth module: no extra accessories required.
•Save measurement reports as PDF to a USB stick: no PC required.
•Optional expert modules for more alignment applications. See ‘More Applications’ below.


It’s a cost-effective option for fast and efficient alignments, with the use of:
•SWEEP mode measurement
•Simultaneous concurrent Live Move
•Reversible machine train orientation
•Quality data regardless of sensor position


OPTALIGN –  The power of precision of shaft alignment
•RS5 sensor with XL HD detectors and MEMs Inclinometer
•Sweep measurement mode
•Concurrent “Live Mode”
•Flip machines functionality
•Bluetooth communication

Condition Monitoring Systems


VIBXPERT II is an all-in-one data collector, vibration analyzer and field balancer based on latest technology.
•Fastest measurements using trending spectra
•User-friendly and intuitive operation
•Powerful analysis and diagnostic tools for machine trouble shooting
•Automatic switchbox support
•Long-lived battery


VIBGUARD is a fast, reliable, and powerful online condition monitoring system that will protect your machinery.
•20 parallel channels
•Continuous monitoring
•Seamless integration to control systems
•Various configurations available
•Wi-Fi Ready Solution


VIBSCANNER 2 is a high speed data collector with triaxial sensor.
•Fast – Measurement up to 4 times shorter than industry standard
•Easy – Intuitive operation thanks to the graphical user interface
•All IN ONE – Comprehensive data collection at one push of a button


SONOCHEK is an ultrasonic testing device for leak detection.
•Large frequency bandwidth: 20-100 kHz
•Leak analysis, evaluation and instant reporting
•Built-in, camera, microphone and speaker
•Airborne and structure-borne sensors included
•Monitor ultrasound emitted by rotating machine parts


WEARSCANNER helps detect early signs of wear in pressurized lubricated systems.
•Detects bearing and gear teeth wear
•Avoids consequential damage
•Internal storage capacity for 150 days of measurement data
•Modbus TCP interface for easy integration to PLC
•Recognizes ferrite and non-ferrite material

Geometrical Measurement Systems


LEVALIGN expert – The perfect solution for surface flatness, levelness and perpendicularity.
•User-specific or automatic tolerances and free selection of any number of reference planes or points
•Measure angles between surfaces
•Customized reports
•Wireless communication between computer and receiver


LEVALIGN expert – Flatness and level made easy with a self-leveling and spinning laser.
•Measure flatness, straightness, parallelism, perpendicularity and level of flanges and foundations
•Efficient and easy one-man operation with self-leveling and rotating laser
•Laser range dia. 200 m, sensor measurement range 70 mm
•PC software for measurement analysis and professional reporting

Induction Bearing Heaters


EDDYTHERM Portable is a portable induction heater for bearings up to 10 kg.
•Magnetic temperature probe up to 180°C
•No support yoke required
•Predictive temperature control (no overheating)


EDDYTHERM 2x is a induction heater with a swivel arm for small and midsize bearings.
•Suitable for bearings up to 80 kg
•Magnetic temperature probe up to 240°C
•Swivel arm
•3 yokes of different sizes


EDDYTHERM 4x is a one-man operated induction heater for heavy work pieces up to 300 kg.
•Compact and flexible with movable stand
•Magnetic temperature probe up to 250°C
•User-oriented operating modes and displays
•Automatic demagnetization after every heating cycle