AME employs a team of certified vibration analysts who, together, can provide the support and advice needed to maintain the health of your machinery. Just like a regular visit to the doctor to maintain your health, periodic testing of your machinery can bring to light any issues before they become a genuine problem. Any existing problems can be diagnosed and offered solutions to rectify any defects found. We are committed to providing a genuine service with support and assistance at every step.

Industrial Vibration

  • Vibration measurements identify individual machine’s faults and the root cause, determining the correct course of action to rectify the problem.
  • Vibration analysis provides advance warning of developing issues so damage to machines and shutdown can be avoided. It allows you to acquire data about the condition of the actual machine and prevent replacement of good components.
  • A good vibration monitoring program can provide substantial savings in consumed energy, minimize spare parts used and lost production.

Commissioning Surveys – Machinery is tested to meet the client’s acceptance standards prior to commissioning. The vibration levels used in this testing can be drawn from several different sources, and are designed specifically for the client’s machinery.

Diagnostic Surveys – All rotating machinery undergo Diagnostic Surveys for the detection of fault conditions or defects. The vibration surveys are thorough and customized for the machine being tested.

  • Misalignment of couplings, bearings and gears
  • Unbalance of rotating components
  • Looseness
  • Deterioration of rolling-element bearings
  • Gear wear
  • Rubbing
  • Aerodynamic/hydraulic problems in fans, blowers and pumps
  • Electrical problems (unbalance magnetic forces in motors)
  • Resonance
  • Machinery soft-foot conditions
  • Eccentricity of rotating components such as “V” belt pulleys or gears

Periodic Vibration Monitoring – The monitoring of machinery over time provides data that makes any deviation from the baseline noticeable. This allows you to spot trends through consistent measurement and detect faults before they become serious.

Modal Shape and Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) – All rotating machinery undergo Diagnostic Surveys for the detection of fault conditions or defects. The vibration surveys are thorough and customized for the machine being tested.

Field Balancing – Our certified analysts can field balance your rotating machinery in the field to a high level of accuracy increasing the longevity of components.

Advanced Mechanical’s vibration analysts are all ANSI & ISO certified.

Marine Vibration

Advanced Mechanical Enterprises is an American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) recognized vendor for marine vibration analysis.

Our vibration analysts use data recorded in the Marine Environment to pinpoint the cause of faults before expensive repairs in a shipyard are undertaken. Vibration Analysis evaluates actual machine condition and can detect a multitude of problems using known frequencies specific to the vessel.

Owner Trials & Pre-delivery Testing – These surveys provide baseline vibration data for acceptance testing and the future diagnosis of problems. They are an ideal starting point for periodic condition monitoring of the vessel’s machinery.

Diagnostic Surveys – Diagnostic Surveys are used to detect the source of a vibration issue prior to a shipyard period. We provide full, written reports detailing findings, conclusions and recommendations on how to rectify any defects.

Faults that can be detected:

  • Misalignment of shaft couplings, flexible machine couplings
  • Misalignment of underwater running gear such as propeller struts
  • Propeller defects
  • Shaft bends
  • Unbalance of rotating components
  • Main engine misfire problems
  • Looseness
  • Deterioration of rolling-element bearings within transmissions and thrust bearings
  • Gear wear
  • Rubbing
  • Resonance
  • Machinery soft-foot conditions

Periodic Vibration Monitoring – Used in the same way as an industrial periodic survey, regularly recorded data provides trending that can detect defects before they cause unplanned down time of the vessel and catastrophic failures.

Modal Shape and Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) – Using state-of-the-art software, Modal Shape and ODS Analysis evaluates structural issues on hulls and support structures.

Marine vibration is complex and can have many causes. It is certainly not as straight forward as some people may think. These multi-decked floating bodies have high horsepower rotating machinery resting on rubber feet, allowing them to move while turning high-thrust propellers. There are plenty of things that can cause a problem. AME has significant experience preventing, diagnosing and rectifying these complications.

Oil Analysis

Oil Analysis is another excellent form of machinery condition monitoring. AME offers the oil test analysis and provides the results to the customer in PDF format for monitoring and archiving. It can help to detect early wear on gears, bearing races and other internal machinery components as well as contamination problems.

Common tests:

  • Spectrometric Analysis
  • Solids Content
  • Water Contamination
  • Viscosity
  • Particle Counting
  • Fuel Contamination
  • Differential Infrared
  • Analytical Ferrography
  • Specialty Tests are available upon request

Test results are promptly delivered to clients, usually within three to four business days.

Field Balancing

AME’s certified vibration analysts can dynamically field balance your rotating machinery onsite, including fans, motors and couplings. This lowers overall vibration levels and increases the longevity of machinery components.

Our analysts can balance your machinery to the accepted standards included in ISO 1940 (ANSI S2.19-1975).

InfraRed Thermography

Advanced Mechanical’s technicians can perform InfraRed checks onsite using our MIKRON InfraRed equipment and software. Any anomalies can be recorded and reported to prevent component failures.

Equipment Checked:

  • Power and distribution boxes
  • Switchboards
  • Motors
  • Control Equipment
  • Drive Machinery
  • Bearing housings

Reports are provided in a timely manner and include recommendations to correct the faults found.