Who We Are

Fabrication-Welding-MachiningAME is a comprehensive marine (Advanced Mechanical Enterprises) and industrial (Advanced Maintenance Engineering) engineering services company specializing in Predictive, Preventative and Corrective Maintenance for rotating and reciprocating machinery. Since 1992, AME has pioneered the use of the most cutting edge technologies, and state-of-the-art equipment to the diagnostics, maintenance, and repair of rotating machinery, particularly for private and commercial vessels.

AME’s services include computerized laser alignment, optical alignment, vibration analysis, infrared thermography, balancing, welding, fabrication, machining and oil analysis. Comprising the AME Team are Certified Vibration Analysts, Field Service Engineers, Technicians, Mechanics, Welders and Machinists who have over 100 years of combined experience with running gear diagnostics and service work. Based in Ft. Lauderdale, with 2 convenient locations near international airports, AME offers 24 hour worldwide service. For more information, please call 866-377-0770 or Email Us.

Our Corporate Culture

AME is a solutions-orientated business for rotating machinery in the industrial and marine sectors. If your rotating machinery has a problem, we have the mechanical engineering service and expertise to survey and repair it. Good engineering practice and ethical business standards is adhered to and expected. AME believes in excellence through hard work and integrity. Safety is #1 at AME for employees and clients.

The AME team is always encouraged to strive to provide the highest levels of quality service and professional competence to provide optimal customer satisfaction. Clientele benefit from a diverse team who are educated and cross trained. Teamwork and open communication are core values and the foundation on which AME operates.


AME’s vision is to become a leading solutions provider of mechanical engineering services and products for rotating machinery maintenance and repair through honest and customer driven service that is guided by good engineering practice. AME will work to administer surveys that diagnose exact issues clients are experiencing to address the root cause, offering complete solutions from start to finish. Educating clients to the benefits of predictive maintenance and helping them transition from a corrective maintenance mindset is a continuous process AME will strive towards.

By our superstar Technician, Shop & Operations team!